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Rollei's films run the gamut, from extremely fine-grained 25 ISO panchromatic, to the superbly flexible 25-6000 ISO R3, to the near-infrared 400 ISO, to the ultra-sharp Ortho 25 ISO orthochromatic. Available in 35mm, 120 and 4"x5", these films meet the needs of the most discriminating photographer who demands nothing less than the very best. Rollei's low-speed and high-speed film developers bring out the optimum results in the R3 film, enabling the photographer to shoot in any lighting situation, studio or on location, bright or dark. And if the photographer wants to coat their own paper-or just about any other kind of surface, for that matter-Rollei's Black Magic liquid emulsion allows them to take their images in exciting new alternative directions.

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Image Product Description
Rollei C-41 Color Developing Kit - 1 Liter Model# 660141
Rollei C-41 Color Developing Kit - 5 Liters Model# 660161
Rollei C-41 Developing Kit - 2.5 Liters Model# 660151
Rollei Fantastic 5 Black and White Film Bundle 35mm Model# 815035
Rollei Inferno Ragazzi Rollei 35mm x 27 exp. - Disposable Camera Model# 4027
Rollei Infrared 400 ISO 120 Size Model# 8104120
Rollei Infrared 400 ISO 35mm x 100 ft. Roll Model# 8104135
Rollei Infrared 400 ISO 35mm x 36 exp. Model# 81040123
Rollei Infrared 400 ISO 4x5/25 Sheets Model# 8104100
Rollei Ortho 25 ISO 120 Size Model# 3731001
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